Roadmap, upgrading and release notes

This project implements support for source-code annotations in PHP (5.3+).

Referencing established practices and proven features of annotation-support from other languages and platforms with native support for annotations (mainly C#/.NET and Java), this library implements a complete, “industrial strength” annotation engine for PHP, drawing on the strengths (while observing the limitations) of the language.


The current status of the individual components is as follows:

  • The core annotation framework (and API) is stable and complete.
  • Documentation is being written.
  • Some standard annotations are still stubs or only partially done.
  • A fully documented demonstration script is available.


The current release consists of the following components:

  • Core annotation framework. (adds support for annotations)
  • Self-contained unit test suite.
  • Documentation.
  • Example.

A library of useful standard (PHP-DOC and other) annotations has been started, but is incomplete.


Version 1.1.x introduces some incompatibilities with previous versions:

  • The cache-abstraction has been removed - refer to this note explaining why. If you wrote your own cache-provider, you should remove it.
  • If you derived custom annotation-types from the Annotation\Annotation base-class, you must rename the _map() method to map() - the underscore suggested a private method, but this method is actually protected.